Thursday, October 11, 2007

loving the yin of it ...

5;30 am - predawn wake up in early october to the sound of darkness, rain, and falling leaves. everything reverberates a little thinner with more distance as the backdrop of foliage recedes with the light. only a month or so ago i was awakened half an hour earlier by forest activity that mimicked times square on a saturday night [minus the horns, sirens, and rudeness - with the exception of a couple of crow]. it’s difficult to be excited without the excitement.
so those of us without ample sun and warmth become task oriented and ‘responsible’ to fulfill or fortify whatever cause that defines us.
the ‘yin’ of year depends upon self generated motivation.

the ending summer sunlight
struggles through my room
blushing trees
with autumn’s breeze
that opens winter's tomb ...
[circa 1963, minersville,pa]

since my heritage is baltic, i’m probably hardwired to respond so emotionally to the onset of winter. what was it like for my plebeian ancestors - what did they endure - and choose to continue to endure on a daily basis [obviously, or i wouldn’t be here]?