Wednesday, January 30, 2008

new book of days ...

a new pad of paper and pen - what a pleasure, as usual - there’s something about the newness of a pen, the way it feels as it glides across the surface or scratches marks on an unfamiliar page - the look, smell, sound, and feel of paper - probably why i love books so much, particularly ones that show wear - a pleasure i miss with the tradeoffs of a computer - though i usually do end up printing for the sake of leafing and filing (the old fashion way)...

fragment bouquet ... [between one thing and another, i’ve been feeling a lot of uncertainty accompanied by fragmented thoughts lately - in addition, i’ve neglected my drawings recently which help me balance - this piece started out with that kind of energy and though the tendency would be to ‘arrange’, i just let it take its’ own form as a way of exorcising the moment - in the end it became this amalgam]

radiation ... [still working with that dispersed focus, the energy seemed to organize in ways that radiated forms rather than defining them]

circuitous paths ... [the gray day and fog plays a visual hide and seek with the forest outside my drafting room window - having lost a bit of frenetic energy, some of my daydreams sneak into the image]

orbital momentum ... [familiarity with the new pen and paper generate more confidence, speed, and experimentation, though i’m not sure of how to deal with the limited ‘fineness’ of the pen line - kind of like only having the top twelve keys on a piano - what cecil taylor would do with that ...]