Saturday, March 11, 2017

'Earth Drawing' in the Negev Desert ...

Harryn 'Earth Drawing' in the Negev Desert,  3.2017
Earth Drawing No. 1
Earth Drawing No. 6

Earth Drawing No.  9
Makhtesh Ramon No. 1


'Earth Drawing' has been part of my repertoire since the 1970s – inspired in part by the early works of Robert Smithson but more often by economic and mobility concerns. A pen, tablet, and bottle of water is all I need to capture the essence or Spirit of Place at any given location.

During the early part of March 2017 I had the opportunity to investigate the Negev Desert in southern Israel – a profoundly inspiring expedition that becomes the cornerstone of a new series of paintings I'm about to embark upon …

Above are a few samplings from the many studies accomplished over a few weeks ...