Sunday, June 22, 2008

the last painting ... [e.3]

flexible design ...
under sky in good weather,
under roof sometimes -
but always outside above fifty degrees ...
[for paint/pigment stability]

crescendos of anticipation
with every gesso layer,
seemingly mindless tasks
done thousands of times
leading down paths
of what i did, should have done, or wanted to;
cleaning the slate - conditioning - quieting -
preparing what’s next ...

few ideas arrive -
except next steps -
preconceptions vanish ...

recognizing where the birds are nested by sound this year -
flurries of activity from squirrel rivalries -
[a year of red and gray]
seems to be an over abundance of yellow jackets,
crow and turkey buzzards ...
[must be more dead things around - probably road kill]

more man-made sounds
echo through coffeetown ravine -
changing games of aging children playing,
familiar howls - gone,
puppies growing into their barks,
no roosters - more fox,
more curious groundhogs and growing fawn ...
hurried cars, suv’s, gigantic [unfarmer] pickup trucks -
everyone on cell phones with coffees to go,
atmospheric static -
proliferation of lawnmowers, weedwackers, leaf blowers,
motorcycles, atv’s, teenage speeders, airplanes, helicopters,
high altitude rumblings and vapor trails from newark,
emergency vehicles, mechanical decibels -
sad when silence becomes more unusual than noise in the rurals ...
[a competition nature is losing]

unending changes
details blend
cumulative events ...