Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the last painting ... [e.4]

outside studio ...

understated cacophonies,
cataclysmic catastrophes,
moments of attrition,
relieved ambition ...
[disastrous dominos
useless placebos]

stratas of strokes form texture
surfaced contrition
focused attrition
diffused ambition
paradigms and lexicons
momentary clarity
convoluted disparity

illness of people we care about
[including ourselves],
snaps us back to true form -
equalizing perspectives -
focusing on momentary changes of disease
and the body’s challenges ...

the early florentine and sienese artists
attempted flawless surfaces -
void of texture and impurity ...
brush strokes, tiny crustaceans, accidental marks,
the occasional insect -
this is more interesting to my work -
layering, building, forming -
amalgamating what occurs from start to finish ...
like things in slivers of amber -
moments in time ...
i’m more interested in
varieties of surface markings -
but not as a primary focus or issue ...
blemishes, scars, wrinkles, expressions -
always more interesting than retouch perfection ...

theory is,
the big bang was a collision of protons and neutrons ...