Tuesday, November 6, 2007

to emerge ...

cause and effect ...
oblivion to apparent -
from darkness to light ...

this morning ...
the robins were leaving;
lyrical flight paths,
bidding farewell
in the shape of good bye
fading to warmer skies ...

what endures throughout the history of human civilization
except a slowly evolving human nature ... [or not]
wrought with examples of cruelty and rapacious events,
occasionally highlighted by enlightenment ...
no wonder the greeks called it ‘tragedy’ -
[‘tragos’ - the goat - where reason remains unexplained ...]

discovered sylvia schuster’s art today ...
[and i rarely use upper case letters]
i should’ve figured as much -
seems like Lally has been hip to her work
for quite a while ...

speaking of Lally - here’s an excerpt from one of my many favorites. lately i’ve been listening to and transferring analog tapes of michael reading his poetry to digital format. he did a number of casual recordings at my studio in venice, ca back in 1988 - of which i became custodian - i hope he shares it with everyone - in his own voice ...
another INCREDIBLE ...

“...let us start anew,
and pledge right now
to each other ...
that we will no longer
take part

in any project,
whether business or art

or any affair of the heart
or collaboration
or conversation
or even thought
that isn’t true ...
so lets start right here
with me
and you
and you ...”
excerpt from “the healing poem”
by Michael Lally © [circa 1988].