Tuesday, December 4, 2007

outsider ...

entropy + black holes

[ inspired by keith jarrett's 'out-of-towners' ]

to qualify ...

how far out of ‘town’,
or off the mainline
in this megalopolis,
or global village,
do you have to be ...

what do you need
to ‘not’ look at,
or read ...
how many
city streets, traffic jams,
garbage piles, cabs, cars,
buses, subways,
bridges, tunnels, and people
do you need to refrain from ...

which search engine,
operating system,
cable subscription,
radio, web host,
or chain of bookstores,
and cyber cafes,
chat rooms,
or magazines,
and newspapers
should you avoid ...

how many times a month
do you need to visit
galleries, museums,
lectures, parties, meetings,
friends, restaurants, and shows ...

what dialogues, diatribes, or soliloquies,
secret handshakes,
or life-altering trends
at ‘next’ big things
can one miss
to fulfill ‘hip’ ...

the fast faceted ‘inside’,
compared to other worlds, outside;
the scale of concrete and steel to nature,
maintenance, diversity ...
being ‘in’,
fitting ...
in footprints of trophies,
fearlessness, arrogance,
causes, humility,
varieties of survival ...

there’s no one
that can’t speak,
or email,
or communicate
with anyone
at any time
day or night
if they answer ...

connected ...
a little south of chelsea,
east of hollywood,
north of the liberty bell,
a safe distance from d.c.,
as far west
as i want to go
before running into my self again,
twenty minutes from
any airport in the world,
just a ‘click’ away,
just outside
your insides ...
in or out,
sides ...
versions of reality ...

a click away ...