Friday, September 21, 2007

part 1 - being and breath ...

an important part of my painting ‘process’ has to do with editing ...
lyrical or gestural abstraction, expressionism,
elemental collage, and ‘others’ yet to be defined
are additional components.

initially, i familiarize myself with the surface to be painted ...
the scale, the material, the surroundings; mobility, access,
environment, lighting, etc.,
it’s a ritualistic dance of preparation for the journey, the hunt, ...

surface and environment ...
whether paper, canvas, or wood -
the surface is prepared for paint with multiple coats
of gesso, sanding, texture, etc.,
it’s a familiarization that helps to clarify
characteristics, obstacles, and assets
for what will come when my preoccupation
with paint or duende kick in ...

[the music analogy: before a concert, performance, jam,
or recording - i tune and warm up - get the ‘feel’
of the instrument, move around the room - sense its’ acoustics,
identify the dead zones, pathways, and sweet spots ...
eliminate obvious ‘surprises’
so as not to detract from the moments of music].