Wednesday, September 12, 2007

truth be known ...

i've been cringing every time i hear that idiot in the white house say ' a safer iraq means a safer america'. when all other battle cries failed to rally $upport, this vague abstraction that subtly instills fear and cleverly diverts attention from realities was pulled from the bush bag of tricks. Finally, during general petraeus' testimony (under oath) he replied "i don't know..." to the question of whether america is 'safer...' .
this has got to be the biggest political debauchery in history.
with regard to a safer america, and its citizens - how could the trillions of dollars been better spent? does universal
health care, social security, assisted care for the elderly, education, highway and bridge maintenance, veterans benefits, poverty, etc., etc., mean anything? i believe that the current regime of republicans know their tenure is coming to an end if the fascist christian 'right' can't salvage their disgrace. and if you're not 'right', you must be 'wrong' or 'left'. as usual, the democrats are going to be left with trying to clean up the mess by initiating long overdue social programs, constructive foreign policy, and morale boosters to pull our country from what will be more horrific than the cultural malaise that accompanied the 'great depression'.