Thursday, September 27, 2007

where to go or not ...

admittedly, i’ve avoided posts over the past few days.
it resonates and re-res’ too often; “if you don’t have anything
nice to say ...” and “restraint of pen and ...”
but that’s it - enough is enough ...
i’m in a quandary about a few things
that contribute to cognitive constipation ...

1. web page = there are so many people who claim expertise
in ‘web design’ and html programming knowledge that don’t have
a clue about the key component of their title - ‘design’.
one would think that some basic understanding of alignment,
typography, clarity, color theory, and balance would be
within their repertoire. not so. the same holds true for the
countless people i encounter that claim to be artists that
don’t know which end of a brush to hold (or that a brush
isn’t even required), interior designers whose abilities
are divinely transmuted through late night reruns
of martha stewart instead of the due diligence of a.s.i.d.,
and musicians that can ‘technical talk’ you through
the seven rings of hell but can’t explain feeling -
let alone play it ...

i could go on ... so i will ...

2. characters of questionable principles who depend
upon the benevolence of others to sustain their deceit ...
a bible-thumping, spaghetti western, snake oil cure salesman
comes to mind - update, 2007 - they’re still around in the
guise of slightly ‘damaged’, pseudo intellectual victims
spinning webs of pathos for profit while calculating
the roulette odds of spiritual consequence ...

3. the cost of health care for children vs. the cost
of one month of ‘progress’ in iraq ...

i started this blog to post my thoughts and/or preoccupations
on a daily basis - not to avoid honesty or pose ...
some people have said they can do without
political issues and abstractions ...
for now, they are unavoidable portions of my reality ...